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Om oss (mal)

Laneship Agency is a local ship agency which provides the all port agency service you need. Matching real time, on the ground, local knowledge and expertise with our strict operational standards, whether it is your vessel, crew, cargo, or cash we’re looking after, our agents can be relied on to consistently make your port calls as efficient as possible. We use our expertise to make your everyday life more convenient with workshops and online tools.

Laneship Agency is a thriving agency which has the local expertise and know-how on where to source cost effective solutions to optimise visits to the Port and deliver quick turnaround times for vessels. The agency operates a 24-hour seven-day a week service.

Our staff have over 20 years’ experience of shipping and represent the ship owner’s interests whilst providing all of the services that may be required for both the crew and the vessel itself. Our ship agency personnel have an excellent reputation and are known for their responsive and ‘can do’ attitude.

Our range of supplies include provisions, spare parts, tools, hydraulic spares, consumables, pantry, gas oil, lube oil, trawl gear, work clothes, washing liquids and detergents, electrical consumables, packaging and more.  

Services we provide


Supply of spare parts

Loading / unloading operations

Ship and agency clearance

Customs documentation

Berth reservation




Cargo handling